Gaming mice – also for designers

Razer hardware is notorious amongst the PC gamer communities as essential “1337” hardware. Not only do gaming mice look futuristic, but they are extremely accurate and fast. I just recently purchased a Razer Molten Naga(see left photo) and this mouse has made even my internet surfing more efficient.

How would this apply to design software? The Molten Naga has 17 buttons total, all of which are completely customizable to do practically anything. The secret is in AutoHotKey software, a freeware program that lets you change any mouse or keyboard button into a command. One such use is having the ability to change brush sizes with your thumb.

One thought on “Gaming mice – also for designers

  1. A cool gaming mouse would be my first choice if I wanted to use an antiquated form of manual input. I prefer a Logitech trackball to polishing my desk (re-centering the mouse on the pad) and wasting desk space.

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